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We Supply Steel Buildings,
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Why Choose America First Steel?

America First Steel building supply puts strong emphasis on providing metal/steel buildings produced and manufactured right here in the United States. We buy American and hire America in order to put American workers first. We provide pre-engineered steel buildings to customers across the country.

Leading Industry Partners

We partner with the leader in the development and implementation of building systems for the COLD FORMED steel building industry. For us, that means no barriers of entry into supplying, selling and construction of COLD FORMED steel buildings.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

For owners like you, it means the satisfaction and peace of mind that come from precise planning, accuracy, timely delivery and flawless onsite assembly. We supply steel buildings, but we build trust.

10 Years Experience

Choose from a variety of styles—American Barn, Gambrel, Gable, Single Slope or any combination of these. Options such as mezzanine floors, overhangs and variable bays can be added in the planning stage with the click of a button.

My dad started a steel building business over 15 years ago with no experience. I have since helped him to complete hundreds of successful metal building projects showing that with hard work and determination the American dream really is possible. Now I’ve founded America First Steel in order to provide metal buildings produced right here in the U.S.A. 

Amalia White

Owner, America First Steel

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We offer fiercely competitive pricing and exceptionally high quality buildings.

American Strong – American Steel

Gable Building Style

This metal building combines a conventional roofline and a functional design that is great for almost any type of building design such as commercial, storage, agricultural, garages and more.

Gambrel Style

This style offers a classic barn appearance and provides high ceilings that is great for living or office spaces, RV storage, or agricultural uses.

American Barn Style

Whether it is being used as a barn, agricultural building, or you just like the classic look, the raised center aisle is a great way to add storage.

Barndominium Style

Barndos are becoming an increasingly popular design option due to it acting as a dual-purpose living and shop/storage area. This provides ultimate versatility and a very cost effective option.

Home Building Style

Metal building houses are a great alternative to traditional wood houses due to steel offering long-lasting durability. Our metal buildings are made with non-combustible materials which provide both safety and excellent corrosion protection. Gable, Gambrel and American Barn styles all make great choices for a house design.

Single Slope Style

Providing various heights, this structure type is ideal for things such as storage, hay sheds, carports and other types of shelters.


This is an economical way to increase living or storage space at a fraction of the cost. A mezzanine (partial or full) can make a second story for a barndominium or house or to add storage space.

Lean Tos

This provides extra storage for outdoor equipment or other items to protect from the rain and sun. Lean tos can be open or sheeted and is a cost-effective way to provide more space.

2nd Floor Porch

Adding a porch is a great way to increase your space while still enjoying the outdoors.


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We supply steel buildings but what we build is trust.



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